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The Advantages Of Making Jewelry Using Beads

A piece of jewelry made from beads can make any wardrobe look more beautiful. These accessories can go along with any clothing that you will wear whether for casual or formal outfits. Wouldn't be nice to wear something that you have made for yourself? In this article, we are going to know the advantages of making jewelry using beads. This article is created to provide useful information to readers who want to start designing jewelry with beads for hobby or for business.

The Other Reasons Of Wearing Beaded Jewelry:

To begin with the discussion of the topic, let's explore the main reasons why people from all walks of life wear beaded jewelry. Accessories made from jewelry have been around throughout the ages. The wearing of beaded charms, necklaces, and bracelets made from gemstone or crystal beads have been a usual fashion trend nowadays, but some people see them more than just a common fashion accessory. Here are some other reasons why people wear beaded jewelry.

1. Worn for rituals - some tribes and cultures around the world wear jewelries with beads as part of a ritualistic ceremony in their community. These accessories are considered to be important to them and they can only be worn during a specific event. On the other hand, there are also tribes in Asia and Africa that wear beaded jewelry to make them look attractive to the opposite sex.

2. To signify religious belief - Chinese monks and some Buddhist are known to wear beaded jewelry for the reason bounded on their religious belief as well as enhancing ones luck (ex. attracting wealth, driving away evil spirits, improve well being, etc.). According to them, gems and crystals are elements of nature and they can be used to bring our success and prosperity in all aspect of our lives.

3. Using beads to enhance the energy of the body - gems and crystals are believed to contain energy and they can be used to boost the health of a person in terms of the physical as well as the spiritual well being. Some people firmly believe that wearing of jewelries made from crystal beads can drive away negative energy and will drive a person away from sickness and other ailments.

The Benefits Of Making Your Own Jewelry Using Beads:

Why is it advantageous to make your own jewelry using beads when you can simply buy one? If you are more of practical person, here are some of the reasons that you can consider:

1. Helps you to save money - Ready-made jewelry are expensive and you have to allot a big amount of money just to buy a single piece. However, if you make your own beaded jewelry you will be able to make an item that you like at a fraction of the cost.

2. A potential business venture - Being able to learn the art of making jewelries using beads is a definite advantage in any way you may look at it because you can use this new skill and turn it into a profitable business where you can earn more money.

3. Helps you to be creative - Most of us are not satisfied with the conventional jewelry designs sold in the market, but making your own jewelry using beads will help you to get in touch with you creative side and create unique and hip designs.


Be sure to learn the basic skills of making beaded jewelry so that you can begin making your own personal jewelry collection. Moreover, you can also teach your friends on how to design their own jewelry using beads and possibly turn this hobby into a income generating project. Hopefully, you have learned something new from this article about the advantages of making jewelry using beads.

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